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How to apply for a work permit

The main rule is that you should apply for and have been granted a work permit before entering Sweden.

Due to the pandemic the Embassy has limited staff which might affect the handling time and the time to respond on emails.

Please read the information about the temporary travel ban to Sweden under "Going to Sweden" before you travel.

If you need a work permit for Sweden you should apply online. Find more information and all necessary forms on Working in Sweden.


If you do not apply online

If you are unable to apply online, fill out Application for Swedish work permit – for applicants currently outside Sweden, number 149011, and turn it in to a Swedish embassy or consulate-general in the country where you are living. The application form indicates the documents you need to enclose.

If there is no possibility to apply in your country, you should apply at the embassy or consulate-general nearest to the country where you live. Before you submit your application you should contact the embassy or consulate-general.

Each member of your family who plans to accompany you to Sweden must turn in an application of their own to a Swedish embassy or consulate-general.

Visit the embassy

All requests for interview appointments, appointments for submission of applications and other queries about residence permits should be sent by email to embassy.nairobi-visa@gov.se. The waiting times for interviews and submissions of applications is currently around 1-3 weeks months.  


The Embassy has imposed a mandatory health instruction due to Covid-19, as follows:

  • If you have booked an appointment and you or your child/children have any symptoms of illness, you will not be admitted into the Embassy. If someone is ill, you must contact the Embassy in order to cancel your appointment. Needless to say, the cancellation should be done before the actual appointment.
  • If you have 37,5 degrees Celsius or higher you will not be allowed to enter. Your temperature will be measured before entering.
  • The Embassy will establish a list of visitors daily and if you are not on that list you will not be allowed to enter. When you book an appointment you have to mention if someone need to accompany you into the Embassy and why – also provide full names, correctly spelled, of the accompanying person and of course your own personal information. The Embassy will then decide if it is necessary or not, before the date of the appointment. If the Embassy finds it to be legitimate, the accompanying person will be put on the list. You also need to submit names of custodians/ holders of power of attorney if  accompanying minor child/children that will apply for a Swedish passport, visa or a residence permit or to be interviewed. Only child/children who has an appointment to apply for a passport will be admitted to the Embassy - if you have other children they must stay outside the premises.
  • If you need an interpreter, i.e. you speak neither Swedish nor English (or Swahili if Migration matters), please let us know and the Embassy will book an interpreter - neither relatives nor friends will be admitted to interpret.
  • All visitors are obliged to wear face mask at all time, while in the Embassy´s premises, unless instructed by the Migration staff not to (Biometrics or such).

Last updated 22/03/2019

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