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Studying in Sweden

If you will be studying in Sweden for more than three months and you are not an EU citizen, you need a residence permit. If you will be studying for less than three months, you may need a visa instead.

Useful information on travelling from Kenya to the EU, such as visas, travel restrictions and consulates, and for studying there can also be found here

If you plan to study less than 91 days in Sweden, you may apply for a Schengen visa at the Embassy or VFS Global.

List of countries whose citizens need a visa

Application for residence permit

The quickest and easiest way of applying for a residence permit to study at universities and colleges in Sweden is to apply online. Online applications go directly to the Swedish Migration Agency and are given priority.

Applications for residence permit to study at universities and colleges in Sweden for more than 90 days, are handed in online at the Swedish Migration Agency's website 

The Swedish Migration Agency handles and decides in applications for residence permit in Sweden and the Embassy cannot influence the decision. If you have questions regarding student permits you can contact the Swedish Migration Agency. 

Rules and required documents

To find out which rules apply, which documents are required and how you apply, click here(opens in a new tab).

If you are interested in studying at university/college level in Sweden, you can find a full range of information on the Study in Sweden website.

If you are planning to study in Sweden, the Study in Sweden website is your one-stop information centre for higher education studies in Sweden. The purpose of Studyinsweden.se is to provide international students wishing to study in Sweden with a convenient and comprehensive information resource. It contains general information on the opportunities open to international students, admission procedures and other practical details.

The service is designed for students at all levels. It provides information on undergraduate courses, Master's programmes and opportunities for researchers.

Furthermore, reasons to study in Sweden can be read on Study in Sweden


The fee differs depending on what kind of permit you apply for. The fees are available here

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