Sweden & Cuba

Apply for a visa at the Swedish Embassy in Cuba

Requisites and procedures to submit an application for a temporary visa for a maximum of 90 days to: Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Estonia and Iceland. Valid for all the Schengen States (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, Greece, Netherlands, Italy, Luxemburg, Portugal, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Malta, Czech Republic and Switzerland)

All questions on the information below should be directed to visa.havanna@gov.se in English or Spanish.


NOTE: To submit a visa application an appointment should be arranged by e-mail: visa.havanna@gov.se.

Only 10 applications per day will be received and can be asked for 6 months before the intended trip.

NOTE: To submit a VISA application an appointment should be arranged by sending an e-mail to: visa.havanna@gov.se


The inviter should send to the applicant:

  1. Invitation form (blankett MIGR 241011 or MIGR 240011). Available in Swedish and English, free of charge and non-official. It can be downloaded from the Migration Agency official site www.migrationsverket.se or by sending an e-mail to visa.havanna@gov.se No matter the destination country, this form is compulsory. This form and all the complementary information must be sent to the applicant. Do not forget to sing the invitation form. Guarantee certificates from any of the represented countries are not required (like the UDI Garantiskjema for besøk, or the VU2 Invitation).
  2. A letter from your workplace stating name of employer or company, duration of employment and salary (Arbetsbetyg, Anställningsintyg Ansættelsesbrev, Palka-ja Työssäolotodistus). Business owner should send copy of business registration (Registreringsbevis för Aktiebolag, PRV Patent och Registreringsverket CVR-registeret; Brønnøysundregistrene). If pensioner, please show proof of it.

Documents to present at the Embassy by the invited person:

  1. Application for Schengen Visa form MIGR 119031 or MIGR 239011 correctly filled and signed by the visa applicant. (can be download from www.migrationsverket.se or ask for them at visa.havanna@gov.se )
  2. Two passport size pictures and a valid passport (with a validity that exceeds 3 months to the return date to Cuba).
  3. A letter from his/her work or study place authorizing the travel on vacation or leave and specifying the allowed time. Self-employed applicants can show any proofs of it. Non applicable for unemployed applicants.
  4. A reservation of a round trip ticket for a maximum of 90 days. The Visa (if granted) is made according to the dates shown in the reservation. This reservation can also be done by the invited person in Cuba.
  5. A travel insurance covering the exact same dates of the ticket reservation, covering possible medical expenses in the Schengen states for a minimum of 30,000 EUROS (this does not mean the person will have to pay this amount, only the policy the insurance company establishes). Insurance company in Cuba: ASISTUR/ESEN; in Europe: ANY (Ex. EUROPEISKA, IHI, GEFVERF, INGONORD, GOUDA REJSEFORSIKRING.
  6. If applicable, proof the family ties between the parties showing: birth certificates, marriage certificate, notarial parent consent for minors to travel, etc. Bringing a parental consent to travel is mandatory for Minors. If the inviter has changed his/her family name, show proofs of the process.
  7. If applicable, proof of real estate property or residence, proof of financial means like personal or family bank statements.
  8. If applicable, bring perfectly readable photocopies of the original certificates above to lend with the application.



  1. Two recent pictures and a valid passport(with a validity that exceeds in 3 months the guest’s returning date to Cuba).
  2. A direct confirmation to the Embassy (via fax or e-mail) from the inviting organization or company of the Official Invitation, saying who covers the travel, including a travel insurance in case they are sending it. In the case of firms, please, show the Registreringsbevis or its official accreditation in Cuba.
  3. An Official Letter from the Organism or Ministry signed by the traveler where they authorize this person to go on the trip and where they describe the details of it: this means the Schengen reference’s complete data and the whole travelling itinerary.
  4. A reservation of a round trip ticket for a maximum of 90 days, to be shown at the moment of the application. A ticket already paid is required when he/she comes to pick up his/her Visa. The applicant shall not ask for multiple entries if he/she is not exiting the Schengen community. The total amount of days should be asked in accordance to the invitation
  5. A travel insurance covering possible medical expenses in the Schengen states for a total of 30,000 EUROS minimum (this does not mean the person will have to pay this amount, only the policy the insurance company establishes). Insurance company in Cuba: ASISTUR or ESEN / In Europe: ANY (Ex. EUROPEISKA, IHI, GEFVERF, INGONORD, GOUDA REJSEFORSIKRING)
  6. The Schengen Visa Application Form (previously requested at the Embassy), correctly filled and signed. 



  • The cost of the Visa application process is 80 EUROS. The payment is in cash and in the equivalent of that amount in CUP or USD, done when submitting the application. 
  • Minor applicants, between 0 to 5 years old do not pay and must not show up at the Embassy. Applicants between 6 and 12 years old pay the equivalent in CUP or USD of 40 euros and must not show up at the embassy.
  • It is the Embassy’s right to grant the Visa or not.
  • The Visa is not extendable.
  • Lucrative actions are not allowed.

WARNING: To enter Schengen territory, you must be able to show a copy of all the documents used when you submitted your visa application, if requested. The border police has full authority to reject the traveler if there is some kind of incongruence. We emphasize that you carry:

  • Copy of travel insurance with the same dates of your purchased ticket.
  • Copy of the invitation form.
  • Copy of the identity documents of the person who invites you.
  • Sufficient funds for its passage at the border.

If you do not comply with the stipulations above, you may be forbidden to continue traveling and be sent to Cuba immediately, even if you have an approved Schengen visa and stamped in your passport.