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Trade with Sweden

Sweden is among the 15 biggest foreign direct investors in Croatia with € 780 million invested between 1993 and 2019.

Currently, there are almost 50 Swedish companies active on the Croatian market. The latest arrivals include Spotify and Stillfront, who are now in the company of many others that have been present in Croatia for a long time, such as ABB, Electrolux, Ericsson Nikola Tesla, IKEA, Scania, SKF, Securitas, Ytong, Tetra Pak, and Volvo Trucks, just to name a few.

Swedish – Croatian trade has totaled € 418 million in 2023, of which Croatian exports to Sweden amounted to € 246 million, and Swedish export to Croatia to € 172 million.

In February 2024 Swedish company Elekta signed a significant deal with the Croatian Ministry of Health for the sale of 12 linear accelerators, an investment that amounted to € 32 million. The linacs will be deployed at key medical centers, reducing wait times and enhancing access to quality cancer treatment for Croatian citizens

There were also close to 250,000 Swedish tourist that visited Croatia in 2023, with their number constantly on the rise for more than a decade now, which contributes further to trade between the two countries.

Further information about Swedish business activities in Croatia can be obtained from the Embassy in Zagreb.

If you are searching for business contacts in Sweden, services can be offered directly by Business Sweden - the Swedish Trade and Invest Council, the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, or the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Stockholm. For information about procedures for import, customs, taxes, as well as investment opportunities etc. see links below:

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