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The website 1177.se is the Swedish healthcare system’s dedicated website, it contains information about how healthcare works in Sweden, how to seek healthcare, and more. 1177 is also a telephone number.

The cost of healthcare services in Sweden depends, among other things, on which country you are insured in, and the type of healthcare you require. There are different rules for different countries. This also applies to Swedish citizens who are living outside of Sweden (utlandssvenskar).

Most people who come from a country outside of the EU/EEA or Switzerland will be required to pay the full cost themselves if they need healthcare services in Sweden. This applies to emergency, necessary, and planned care. 

Sweden has a special agreement with some countries regarding healthcare, one of them being Australia. Under this agreement (usually referred to as a “Reciprocal Health Care Agreement”), people from the countries in question pay the same amount for certain types of healthcare services as people insured in Sweden.


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