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Residence Permits for Visits

All foreign nationals – including U.S. citizens – who plan to move to Sweden or stay in Sweden for more than 90 days need to obtain a residence permit before entering the country.

If you intend to visit Sweden for more than 90 days, but less than one year, you should apply for a visitor's permit.

An application for a visitor's permit is processed and decided by the Migration Agency in Sweden. If the application is granted, a residence permit is usually issued for more than 90 days and up to a year.

In order to be granted a residence permit to visit Sweden, the purpose of the trip must be to visit Sweden and not to settle there. You are required to have the means to support yourself throughout your stay and you must possess either a return ticket or enough money to purchase one. A medical travel insurance is also required.

Applications for visitor's permits are submitted online. Apply and pay the application fee by using the Migration Agency’s e-service.

More information on the above mentioned requirements and on how to apply is available on the Migration Agency website - Visit Sweden for more than 90 days – apply for a visi¬tor’s permit - Migrationsverket

After having submitted your application through the e-service, you will be contacted by the Embassy with information on the next steps.

Last updated 15 Feb 2024, 10.09 AM