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Checklist: Passport/ID-card applications children (under 18)

Please ensure that you have read and brought all necessary documents specified below before you visit the Embassy for the passport/ID-card application. Please note that all documents must be original or certified copies

Please note that in order to visit the Embassy of Sweden in Singapore you will have to book an appointment for consular matters including application and collection of passports. In order to book an appointment please click HERE

The Embassy is closed on the following public holidays.

  1. Make sure that the child has a Swedish ID number/Co ordination number. This is necessary to apply for a Swedish passport/National ID-card.

  2. The child must be present at the time of application together with at least one of the guardians.

  3. Complete and print the form Verification of Swedish citizenship for the child. Note that it is important that the application form has been completely filled out at the time of application.

  4. Complete and print the form. The form Passport Consent Form Minors needs to be signed by both guardians. The signing is done at the embassy and the signatures are verified by embassy staff. If only one of the guardians can be present at the time of application, the absent guardian's signature must be witnessed by an adult individual (it cannot be the other guardian) or by a Swedish embassy/consulate abroad or a passport authority in Sweden. If the absent guardian did not sign the consent in front of an official the absent guardian's ID must be presented in original or a certified copy.

  5. If the child has another citizenship than Swedish, we need to see proof of that.

  6. The guardians must bring their own passport/valid photo ID. If only one guardian accompanies the child, they need to bring the absent guardian’s original valid passport/photo ID as well.

  7. If the child only has one guardian, we need to see legal valid proof (for example, an extract from the Swedish population register/court order).

  8. If the child has never lived in Sweden or was born outside of Sweden, bring a birth certificate containing the names of both parents/guardians.

  9. Bring the child’s previous passport, valid or expired. If no longer valid you also need to bring a valid photo ID.

  10. If the child's passport has been lost/stolen we need a police report. The lost/stolen passport will then be invalidated by the Embassy.

  11. Bring means of payment as the fee is paid as you submit the application. The fee for an ordinary passport is equivalent to SEK 1.600 in local currency. The fee can be paid by card (Mastercard/Visa) or cash.

  12. Normal processing time is around 2-3 weeks. You will be contacted via email when the passport is ready for collection. The new passport can be collected by only one parent. The old passport must be brought for cancellation.
    A new passport may be collected at any Swedish embassy or consulate or at a police station in Sweden. When picking up a passport at an authority other than where the application was submitted, there is an extra delivery fee which is paid at the time of collection.
    If the passport is to be forwarded to a consulate, there is also a courier fee which is paid in connection with the application.

  13. No need to bring passport photo - all applicants are photographed on site at the time of application.

If the child previously has received a Swedish ID number, new rules apply from June 18, 2021. The number must be active to apply for a passport. See more information on the Swedish Tax Agency's website