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Temporary passport

If you have lost your regular passport or need a passport immediately, you can apply for a temporary passport. A temporary passport is a document in A4 format, issued for a specific and imminent one-way trip to Sweden.

The period of validity of the passport depends on the length of the trip, but a maximum of seven months. If you do not have a direct flight to Sweden, you have to check yourself that the country you are transiting through accepts a Swedish temporary passport. You can do this, for example, by contacting the country's embassy or a travel agency. 

To apply for a temporary passport at the Embassy in Tel Aviv, you have to

* show a valid flight ticket or reservation

* police report if the passport is stolen/lost

* meet the requirements and submit the documents requested for issuing ordinary passports. Please see the information posted on our web page Renewal of Passport for Adults 18 or Older - Sweden Abroad 

If you wish to apply for a temporary passport, please send us an e-mail to ambassaden.tel-aviv@gov.se

Bring all the requested documents with you when you come to the Embassy at your agreed time. You will receive the passport the same day. 

If your regular passport is still valid when you apply for a temporary passport, it will be revoked, and you will not be able to use it.

Your new temporary passport must be submitted to the nearest passport authority when entering Sweden. A temporary passport cannot be used as identification.

The fee to apply for temporary passport is 1 800 SEK; and it is paid in local currency, by credit card or cash.

Last updated 23 Nov 2023, 3.04 PM