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Renewal of Passport for Adults 18 or Older

You must make an appointment online to apply for or renew a passport. Bookings are made online only not by e mail or telephone.  

When you have booked your appointment you will receive and e mail with your reference number and a link to cancel/rebook. Please save the mail – without the reference number and link you will not be able to cancel/rebook your appointment.

If you need multiple appointments you must book several separate slots.

Please book here

Passport applications can also be done at the Consulate General in Jerusalem. For applicants 18 years or older who have previously had a Swedish passport the following is required when applying for a new passport.  

  • The form "Verification of Swedish citizenship" (link to download the form can be found below)
  • Personal attendance
  • The old passport, valid or expired (if the old passport has expired, please bring valid photo-id)
  • Police report or notification of loss (förlustanmälan) if the old passport has been stolen or lost
  • For applicants with only Swedish citizenship that are not registered in Sweden: Residence permit or a certificate from the Israeli Ministry of Interior as to your status in Israel.
  • For applicants with both Swedish and Israeli citizenships born in Sweden: The "Certificate Attesting Israeli Citizenship" from the Israeli Ministry of Interior. Please note that the certificate must a.a. have information about the date,month and year when the Israeli citizenship was acquired and also according to which paragraph in the Israeli citizenship law it was acquired
  • For applicants with both Swedish and Israeli citizenships born in Israel: If you have never lived in Sweden or have not visited Sweden in circumstances which indicate an attachment to the country a certificate showing that you have retained your Swedish citizenship after the age of 22 is required.
  • Please note that all documents must be in Swedish or English, or translated by a certified translator into one of these languages.

Please note that persons with coordination numbers must be prepared that the processing time for their passport applications may be longer than usual (4-8 weeks), if their coordination numbers have been declared inactive by the Swedish Tax Agency. The Embassy cannot affect the processing time.

For information about the status of your coordination number and when it is declared inactive, contact the Swedish Tax Agency, which is the responsible agency for coordination numbers.

Swedish travel documents are issued in compliance with the requirements laid down in the EU regulation regarding passport security and biometrics.

The passports and identity cards are equipped with a computer chip which stores the holder's personal data, photo and fingerprints, and are valid for five years.