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Coordination number

If you are a Swedish citizen and your child is born outside of Sweden, you can apply for a Swedish coordination number for the child at the Embassy.

After submitting all needed documents to the Embassy, the Embassy will request a coordination number for your child from the Swedish Tax Authority. The Swedish Tax Authority will issue a coordination number and register your child in the Swedish population register. When this is done you can apply for a Swedish passport for your child.

Please note that children born outside of Sweden and before 1 April 2015 to an unmarried Swedish father and non- Swedish mother did not become Swedish citizens at birth. The Swedish father is therefore required to register Swedish citizenship for the child with the Swedish Migration Agency.

The request for a coordination number may only be done prior to applying for a passport. A passport application must therefore be made as soon as possible after the coordination number has been assigned by the Swedish Tax authority.

Follow this link to book an appointment to apply for a coordination number for your child (as the reason for the visit, select Application for Swedish passport/ID documents) Boka tid för besök (migrationsverket.se)

The following documents are required:

  • The Swedish Tax Authoirty's form "First name and surname Application" (Form "SKV 7750") must be signed by both parents (unless one parent has sole custody, in which case it must be proven by a court decision). Förnamn och efternamn - Ansökan (SKV 7750) | Skatteverket
  • The child must come to the embassy together with at least one of the parents. A valid ID (Israeli passport or id for example) has to be presented for the child.
  • Birth certificate in English.
  • The parents' marriage certificate translated into English by an authorized translator, if they are/were married.
  • Parents' valid passports, driver's licenses or IDs document
  • If only one parent submits the application, he/she must bring the other parents’ passport, driver's license or ID in original
  • A discharge document from the hospital where the child was born stating that it is the mother who gave birth to the child
  • If the Swedish parent has dual citizenship: Certificate Attesting Israeli Citizenship from the Israeli Ministry of the Interior. Please note that the certificate must a.a. include information about the date, month and year when the parent got the Israeli citizenship and according to which paragraph in the Israeli citizenship law the parent got the Israeli citizenship.
  • If the Swedish parent has dual citizenship and was born outside of Sweden: Certificate "Retention of Swedish citizenship after the age of 22" which the parent has received by the Swedish Migration Agency in order to retain his/hers Swedish citizenship.

Please note that documents in a language other than Swedish or English must be translated by a certified translator into one of these languages.

You can find more information about coordination numbers website of the Swedish Tax Authority. Samordningsnummer | Skatteverket

Last updated 23 Nov 2023, 3.06 PM