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The Swedish Population Register

A Swedish passport/national ID card is issued in the name that is registered in the Swedish Population Register.

If you are applying for a Swedish passport/national ID card and you have changed your name and have not made a name change with the Swedish Tax Agency, you must do this first if you want the passport/ID card to be issued in your new name. You must then ensure that the name has been changed in the Swedish Population Register before the time of application. More information can be found on the Swedish Tax Agency’s website Name and name change (only in Swedish).

If you need to notify the Swedish Tax Agency that you have moved from Sweden or that you have a new address abroad, you must fill out the relevant form and send it to the address mentioned on the form.


Moving abroad | Skatteverket

Att vara folkbokförd | Skatteverket


Notification – Moving abroad from Sweden

Notification – New address/electoral roll for emigrant (only in Swedish)





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