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Emergency passport

If you are abroad and your Swedish ordinary passport is lost or expired and you must travel immediately, there is the option of applying for an emergency passport.

An emergency passport is issued for a one way trip to Sweden or the applicant's country of residence, and in certain cases for a specific trip to another country. The trip must be imminent. An emergency passport is issued with a limited period of validity depending on the length of the trip, and at most 7 months. An emergency passport cannot be used as an ID document.

When an emergency passport is issued, any previous ordinary passport that is still valid will be blocked, which means that it can no longer be used.

Emergency passports issued abroad are in A4 paper format, and they are neither machine-readable nor biometric. Anyone applying for an emergency passport abroad must themselves find out whether the destination country, as well as any transit countries, accept Swedish emergency passports in A4 paper format. The information can usually be obtained by contacting the respective country's Embassy, or your airline/travel agency. This should be done before the time of application for the emergency passport.

In Australia, applications for Swedish emergency passports can be made at the Embassy of Sweden in Canberra, or at any of Sweden's Honorary Consulates. Please note that emergency passports can only be issued by the Embassy of Sweden in Canberra, and the Honorary Consulates in Perth and Sydney. Applications made at other Honorary Consulates are forwarded to the Embassy of Sweden in Canberra, and some delivery and processing time is required.

To apply for a Swedish emergency passport in Australia, the following is required:

  • A pre-booked appointment. Bookings are made by contacting your preferred place of application by telephone or email, contact information can be found further down on this page.
  • A flight ticket for a trip that is imminent. The application must be made as close to the planned departure as possible.
  • The applicant must fulfil the same requirements and present the same documentation as when applying for a Swedish ordinary passport. Instructions for adults or minors (children under 18).
  • The application fee, and postage fee if required, is paid at the time of application.
Last updated 06 Mar 2023, 11.52 AM