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The Embassy of Sweden in Tirana - EU, feminism and democracy. Sweden opened the Embassy in Tirana 2010, however Sweden has been engaged with Albania’s years of transition, democratization and EU-accession thanks to development cooperation since 2001. The Embassy of Sweden’s work is focused on supporting Albania in its EU-integration process. The main priorities are economic development, democracy and human rights, and environment and climate change issues. Sweden has a feminist foreign policy and therefore we emphasize the strengthening of women’s rights, resources and representation in everything we do. Sweden's development cooperation with Albania amounts to approximately 15 million euro annually.

We need to talk about democracy every day.

The freedom to choose, speak, think and love can never be taken for granted. Therefore, the Swedish Government has launched a policy initiative, called Drive for Democracy. Its purpose is to initiate a renewed effort to strengthen democracy worldwide. The background to this initiative is a growing concern about threats to democracy. Democratic principles and values are being threatened, freedom of expression and association are on the decline, democratic institutions are being weakened and the democratic space for civil society is shrinking.

Sweden will stand up for democratic principles in all contexts, work to ensure that democracy is strengthened, and voice criticism against democratic deficits or risks of backsliding.

In addition, Sweden promotes cultural exchanges and good trade relations between Sweden and Albania. The embassy is situated in Tiranas "student city", providing opportunities for dialogue with young people. 

Embassy Staff:

Ambassador Elsa Håstad
Ms Elsa Håstad Ambassador

Ms Petra Burcher Counsellor, Head of Development Cooperation

Ms Lena Kallmert Counsellor, Head of Admin

Mr Johan Willert First Secretary, Program Officer Development Environment and Climate

Ms Mikaela Karlsson Political Adviser & Communication

Ms Linda Gjermani Programme Officer Development Cooperation Good Governance and Justice

Ms Rezarta Katuçi   Programme Officer Development Cooperation Gender, Human Rights and Civil Society

Mr Ermir Dajci   Programme Officer/Programme Administrator/Development Cooperation Market Development

Ms Ermelinda Xhaja   Programme Officer/Development Cooperation Good Governance

Ms Valbona Dervishi Project coordinator, EU for Innovation

Ms Enkelejda Ormenaj Financial officer, EU for Innovation

Ms Enkeleda Veizaj Administration Officer

Mr Mikel Smaçi Logistics Officer/Communication and Sweden Promotion

Ms Merita Pira Receptionist, Personal Assistant

Mr Bashkim Cani Driver/Consular/Administrative Assistant

Ms Fatmire Pira Cleaner

Brikenda Xhemajli

Intern Alexander Wedelin Adolfsson

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