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Consulate-General San Francisco, USA

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Book passport appointments

We have now released new appointment times for passports. Next time we will announce new time slots will be on June 3, 2024 at 12 noon PT. You will then be able to book appointments for August 2024. Use the link below to book. We will release extra slots every Monday at 10 am PT. 

Please note that if a holiday falls on a Monday (Memorial Day and Labor Day) the extra slots will instead be released on Tuesday at 10 am PT these specific weeks only.

Book passport appointments

Book appointment for consular visits

To visit the Consulate General for consular matters such as passport pick-up and application for a coordination number, you need to schedule an appointment in advance. 

Book consular appointment

Recommendation to Swedes abroad

The threat to Sweden and Swedish interests abroad was already classed as heightened. In light of the fact that two Swedes have been killed in Brussels following a terrorist act, Swedes abroad are encouraged to exercise increased caution and vigilance, and follow the advice of local authorities. Swedes abroad are also encouraged to register on the list of Swedish citizens abroad, and download the UD Resklar app and activate push notifications for the country in question.

Register on the list of Swedish citizens abroad (only in Swedish)
Última atualização 17 out 2023

Fazer negócios com a Suécia

Aqui poderá obter informação abrangente de como fazer negócios com a Suécia.

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Participação para o UD

Suspeita de irregularidades

Se suspeitar de crime ou de outras irregularidades ligadas às atividades do Ministério dos Negócios Estrangeiros, informe o Serviço de Supervisão Legal do UD (UD:s regeltillsyn). Obs! O formulário de participação está em inglês.

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Bem-vindo à Suécia

O site oficial para turismo e viagens na Suécia.

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Study in Sweden logotype

Universidades na Suécia

Studyinsweden é o site oficial para informações sobre estudos universitários na Suécia.

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