About us

Welcome to the Embassy of Sweden in Moscow, Russia. The Embassy of Sweden in Moscow is one of the biggest representations of Sweden in the world. It represents Sweden in the Russian Federation.

One of the Embassy's main tasks is to promote relations between Sweden and Russia and develop cooperation in the fields of politics, economy and culture.

The following diplomatic staff work at the Embassy of Sweden in Moscow:

Peter Ericson
Ambassador, Head of Mission

Political Department

Tobias Lorentzson, Minister-Counsellor, Deputy Head of Mission, Head of the Political Department
Elina Jonsson, Second Secretary
Per Enerud,Counsellor for Media and Public Communication

Economic and Trade Department

Björn Kavalkov Halvarsson, Counsellor, Head of Economic and Trade Department
Johan Eidman, Counsellor
Bibi Gramson, Second Secretary
Staffan Lindberg, Second Secretary

Administration Department

Charlotte Findén, Counsellor, Head of Administration Department
Berit Lindberg, First Secretary for Information Technologies
Marie Midgley, Second Secretary, Consular Matters
Christina Almé, Third Secretary, Archivist 


Stefan Ingvarsson, Counsellor for Cultural Affairs

Defence Department

Col. Jan Vall, Defence Attaché
LtCol. Jonas Hassel, Army Attaché, Deputy Defence Attaché
1Sgt. Alexander Högfeldt, Assistant to the Defence Attaché
1Sgt. Victor Jonsson, Secretary to the Defence Attaché 

Migration Department

Bengt-Erik Thern, Second Secretary, Head of Migration Department
Magnus Helgesson, Second Secretary
Mona Dara, Second Secretary 

The National Property Board

Peter Selin, Attaché

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