Development cooperation

09 feb. 2022

Sweden decided to re-establish a window for bilateral development cooperation with Armenia.

Sweden supports Armenia through bilateral and regional initiatives and global cooperation. In 2019, Sweden initiated bilateral reform cooperation with Armenia, which is now guided by the government’s Strategy for Sweden’s reform cooperation with Eastern Europe for 2021-2027. The development cooperation aims to contribute to Armenia’s continued democratization and reform process through support primarily focusing on:

1. Human rights, democracy, the rule of law and gender equality,

2. Environmentally and climate-resilient sustainable development and 

sustainable use of natural resources,

3. Inclusive economic development and

4. Peaceful and inclusive societies

There are several platforms through which Sweden channels its support to projects and development initiatives in Armenia, including Sida, the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Swedish Institute. Sweden also has many different partners who implement the Swedish reform projects. In 2022 Sweden’s bilateral support to Armenia amounted to EUR 4,9 million and focused on democracy, human rights and the rule of law, economic development, and environmental and climate-resilient sustainability. 

For further information about Sweden’s development cooperation and our projects in Armenia, please see Sida’s website and/or Open Aid’s website

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