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Embajada de Suecia Kabul, Afghanistan

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The Embassy of Sweden in Kabul will close on 31 August

The Embassy of Sweden in Kabul, which has been relocated to Stockholm since August 2021, will close on 31 August 2024.

The responsibility for consular matters for Afghanistan was handed over to the Embassy of Sweden in Islamabad on 14 June.

The Swedish Migration Agency and UNHCR can provide information for questions concerning resettlement, asylum or applying for a visa to Sweden.

The Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ advice against all travel

The Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs has advised against all travel to Afghanistan since 2006. Since August 2021 are all Swedes advised to leave the country. This advice remains in place.

Swedes who despite the current travel advice are in Afghanistan are urged to keep up to date with developments about the security situation. Swedes who wish to leave the country must make their own assessment of the security situation and their possibilities to leave.

The Foreign Ministry consular emergency call centre can be reached around the clock on phone number +46 (0)8 405 50 05.