Stockholm + 50 conference in Stockholm 1-3rd of June 2022.

17 maj 2022

Stockholm + 50 conference in Stockholm 1-3rd of June 2022. If you are going to attend the Stockholm+50 Conference you need to apply for a visa as soon as possible, unless you are exempted from the visa requirement. The Embassy normally has a processing time of 15 days but will prioritize this event. You need to apply between the 16-18th of May at VFS Global, which is an external service provider for Swedish visas, in order for the Embassy to process your application on time.

Please visit VFS´s Website:

VFS Global in Dar-es-Salaam has two options; you have received
and appointment the 18th of May or earlier and then you submit
accordingly or by Walk-in 8-12, Monday and Wednesday without

You will be exempted from the application fee as a participant of
Stockholm +50 but need to pay a service charge at VFS. VFS has
been informed. You will find the required documents in the checklist
for “conference”.

You also need to submit the email that you have
received from UNEP, when you are applying.

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