Webinar Dutch and Swedes are made for each other

04 jun 2020, 11.00

Ambassador for Sweden in the Netherlands Mrs. Annika Markovic and Ambassador for the Netherlands in Sweden Mrs. Ines Coppoolse take part in this member exclusive webinar organized by the Dutch and Swedish Chambers of Commerce.

Many successful collaborations have taken place during their years at the Embassies and the Chambers in the fields of Women in Tech, Sustainability and the Startup sector to name a few. Trade-wise, both countries are investing around Euro 10 billion annually in each others markets and the Netherlands is the number 2 most important country to Sweden when it comes to import.
Where lies the opportunities according to the Ambassadors to continue the excellent bilateral (trade) relations for the future?
Moderated by Mr. Ruben Brunsveld, Sr. Advisor at Enact Sustainable Strategies.
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