EIDHR Kallelse till Förslag

04 mar 2020

Det nya EIDHR Kallelse till Förslag för Moldavien är ute!

Slutdatumet för inlämnandet av EIDHR Concept Notes är 21 april 2020.

The objectives and priorities of this call are:

Lot 1 – Protecting the rights of the child in the Republic of Moldova.

  • Protecting children from sexual exploitation, abuse and trafficking
  • Providing social and psychological support and protection of children left behind by migrant parents
  • Preventing child violence and children from coming into contact with the law
  • Providing child-friendly justice as well as support for reintegration and inclusion of child offenders, child victims and child witnesses

Lot 2 – Supporting human rights defenders active in the protection of human rights in the Republic of Moldova, especially those most at risk.

  • Supporting human rights defenders including lawyers and other legal professions who are intimidated, stigmatized and persecuted
  • Improving the Environment for the Human Rights Defenders Activity in Moldova
  • Monitoring court trials of human rights defenders
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