Voting in the 2018 Swedish elections

09 jul 2018

The election to the national parliamentary (Riksdag), municipal and county council assemblies in Sweden is held on Sunday, September 9, 2018. Swedish citizens living in Iran can vote in the parliamentary elections. Swedes who are registered abroad will receive an expatriate voting card from the Election Authority. With the voting card it is possible to do postal voting from July 26th. You can also vote at the Embassy of Sweden in Tehran.

Register to the electoral roll

The right to vote in elections to the Riksdag is enjoyed by Swedish citizens who attain the age of 18 not later than on Election Day and who are, or at some time have been, registered resident in Sweden. As a Swedish citizen living abroad, you need to register to the electoral roll (röstlängden) every 10 years in order to remain in it. You register by using the Swedish Tax Agency´s form called “Ny adress/röstlängd för utvandrad (SKV 7842)” available in Swedish.

The form is to be used if you have emigrated from Sweden and want to:

-Sign up for the electoral roll or
-Register a new address when moving during your stay abroad

Postal voting from abroad or vote at the embassy

Anyone who is abroad during the voting period may vote at any Swedish embassy or consulate. Voters can either vote at the voting place or vote by post. Postal votes can be mailed from abroad 45 days before Election Day at the earliest.

Special material is required for postal voting. The material may be ordered from the Election Authority. Postal votes must be sent from abroad and must arrive in time for the counting of votes. The embassy of Sweden in Tehran will be open for voting from August 22 to September 4.

Opening hours for voting at the embassy of Sweden in Tehran:

Wednesday, 22 August


Thursday, 23 August


Sunday, 26 August


Monday, 27 August


Tuesday, 28 August


Wednesday, 29 August


Thursday, 30 August


Sunday, 2 September


Monday, 3 September


Tuesday, 4 September


 It is not possible to vote at the embassy on the election day itself. The voting takes place in the reception of the Embassy.

Important dates

June- Material for the postal voting can be ordered from the Election Authority through a form on their website.

July- If you are resident abroad and are in the electoral roll the Election Authority will send out material for postal voting during July, together with an expatriate voting card to your address in the Swedish Tax agency´s population registry.

July 27- If you choose to vote by post you can send your vote by mail from abroad no earlier than 45 days before the election day.

August 3- Is the last day you can sign up for the electoral roll. The Swedish Tax Agency must have you registered before the parliamentary elections. 

Additional information

In order to vote in advance on an embassy or a consulate, you must have an identity card with you. A Swedish passport, Swedish identity card or a local official identity card is considered as a valid identity card. If you do not have an identity card, another person in the venue can confirm your identity. The person that confirms your identity must be able to show a valid identity card.

More information is available at the Election Authority’s website

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