Update from MFA of Georgia

18 dec 2020

18 DEC 2020 The new regulations will come into force on January I, 2021, regarding the period of legalstay of'aliens and stateless persons in Georgia.

According to the Decree, aliens. or stateless persons, who were staying legally in the  territory of Georgia on 14 March 2020 and could not leave the country before the expiry of the _period of legal stay in Georgia, shall have the right to stay in the territory of Georgia until July 1, 2021, provided tha t their stay in the territory of Georgia was caused by the following circumstances:

 •             the stare of citizenship of the person was in a high-risk zone during the respectiveperiod;

•             a restriction on the crossing of the border has been imposed by the respectiv e state;

•             the person was in hospital, quarantine or self-isolation because of his/her health condition;

•             the person could not leave the country within the specified time due to cancelled flights.

 From 1 January to July 1, 2021, citizens of foreign countries and stateless persons may apply for the residence permit, if they meet the legal requirements for the relevant category of residence permit.


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