Natural conditions and disasters

29 aug 2019

During the summer months, and especially between July and September, Hong Kong is often affected by tropical cyclones and rainy weather. It is very important that you keep updated about the current weather conditions in your area, and that you follow official recommendations. For updated information, please view links below.

Hong Kong’s official meteorological information
General Information regarding cyclone(typhoon) warnings
Current tropical cyclones (typhoons & tropical storms)
Precautions in case of cyclone (typhoon) warnings

Most workplaces close when a typhoon warning reaches level 8. This affects public transportation. The airport does not automatically close during cyclone warnings. As such, you ought to contact your airline for information regarding delays or cancellation of departures. Also visit Hong Kong Airport’s website.

The consulate general will be closed at level 8 or higher. Higher levels are seldom in affect for more than a couple of hours or up to a day.

Hong Kong also has a Rainstorm Warning System as it can rain very heavily with local flooding as a result. Generally, if a black warning is announced, you ought to stay in a safe place, read more about the Rainstorm Warning System.

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