Virtual event: Tech Forum 2020: Tech for Good

03 sept. 2020, 15.30

Technology can be transformational. But how is tech tackling the fundamental challenges facing us within environmental and social impact?

Join us at Tech Forum 2020 – a virtual and collaborative gathering – as we discuss the technologies of the future, and tech as an enabler for good. How can ideas and innovation behind ideal driven technology and conscious investments be used to drive change? Through keynotes, panels, pitching sessions from aspiring start-ups and interactive talk shows, and with a stellar line-up of speakers, we explore the technologies shaping the future and how the industry, academia and policy makers can solve the world's problems together.

As a CCSF/YP member this event will be for free. You should register as a SCC member, mentioning your CCSF membership in the "Comments" section.

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