Business Breakfast « Working with Brand Sweden in France »

10 mars 2023, 20.30

What happens when you apply the concept of branding to an entire country? Can companies and nations co-brand on their identity? Why and how? What are the benefits and limits? In a world of constant turbulence, how is the Swedish image doing today according to the latest surveys and indices? Welcome to join us reflecting on how Sweden and Swedish companies may join forces in co-branding.

A brand is a reputation. It’s the expression of an identity, a name, a logo, values, a philosophy… In our global and digital world, it becomes a strategic and essential tool for all companies.

Sweden, a small country in northern Europe with only 0.13% of the world's population, is one of the first nations in the world having implemented an official nation branding strategy.
One dimension of this strategy is to support and promote the country's exporting companies. Sweden has for a very long-time benefit from a very positive brand image abroad. The country
is positioned among the leading nations in various global indices of economic performance, social commitments, capacity for innovation, governance, sustainable commitments, etc.

Many Swedish companies strategically communicate and capitalize on Swedish cultural concepts, symbols and values and export them across the world.

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