23 Apr 2020

Below is a Q&A aimed at answering some of the most frequent questions the Embassy is receiving at the moment. Please read through them before contacting the Embassy. See also the Swedish Foreign Ministry's site for Corona-related information,ör-svenska-medborgare/reseinformation/nya-coronaviruset/ Please remember that the Embassy is not responsible for Vietnamese regulations regarding visas and/or entry regulations. Contact the relevant Vietnamese authority for these questions. The situation in Vietnam is currently stable but the Vietnamese government is enacting strong measures to Control the spread of the virus. Please follow the news carefully. If you have not already, we advice you as a Swedish Citizen to register on the Swedish list and to download the app UD Resklar.

1-      Q: Should I consider returning to Sweden from Vietnam given the current situation?

A: We advise Swedes who want to leave Vietnam to consider flight options from Vietnam as soon as possible. Most airlines have already stopped their operations . The individual traveler needs to check with airline carriers for availabilities. The Embassy does not have information about availabilities. The flight operations are unpredictable.

2-     Q: Which airlines fly from Vietnam?

A: The information at hand says that Korean Airlines, Japan Airlines and ANA fly from Vietnam. Qatar Airways operated its last flight from Vietnam 11 April. We do not have any information when flights will resume after this date.  

 3-    Q: Can I return to Sweden via Copenhagen/Kastrup or other Nordic cities as a Swede?

A: Yes! According to Nordic authorities you transit through other Nordic countries on your way to Sweden. However, airlines might be saying no unless you can show some sort of official paper. Please send an e-mail to with a copy of passport and ticket. The Embassy can then issue a certificate to be shown to the airline. The certificate is free of charge and will be sent via e-mail

4-      Q: What If I cannot leave Vietnam before my visa expires. Will I be charged overstay?

A: During the period 1-22 April Vietnamese Immigration authorities are not receiving any applications. Travelers whose visas have expired and are leaving Vietnam during this period, do not, according to the Immigration Department, have to prolong their visas. For those whose visas have expired and that wish to stay beyond 22 April, visa renewal is necessary directly after 22 April. According to information from Immigration department of Ministry of Public Security, people with 10 or less days of overstay, due to flight cancellation, quarantine, or other reasons connected to the measures taken regarding Covid-19, can be exempted from overstay. Documentation needs to be shown to support why the person has overstayed. 

 5-      Q: Sweden has closed borders to non-EU, Swiss, Norwegian and UK citizens. Who can enter?


6-      Q: Is it possible to transit through another EU member country or other country on the way home?

A: The individual traveler needs to check with his/her airlines or that country's embassy if it is possible to transit through a certain airport in a certain country.


7-      Q: What’s the situation in Vietnam now, can I stay and travel in the country? How much is closed?

A: If you have a valid visa you can stay.  Persons believed to be infected by the virus or having had contact with infected face the risk of 14 days of quarantine. Many tourist attractions are closed to foreigners, incl. Phu Quoc, Halong Bay, Sapa, central Hoi An etc. Following the lifting of the social isolation on 22 April, attractions might be gradually opening up. 


9-     Q: What rules apply at airports and during flights? Do I have to wear mask, gloves etc?

A: Yes, wearing a face mask in public is mandatory. Other places might enforce other procedures, travelers are advised to follow instructions by local authorities.

11-      Q: I have a trip booked for Vietnam this summer, should I cancel?

A: At the moment it is very difficult to predict the situation in the summer. Travelers are advised to follow the developments and be in contact with the travel agents and/or airlines.

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