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Swedish Footprints - Shaping the Future

24 Sep 2018

The Embassy will continue to highlight Sweden’s contributions to the strong economic, cultural, political, and interpersonal ties between Sweden and the United States this Fall – telling the story not only of our shared past, but also some of the most vibrant areas of cooperation for the future.

We will be following the stories of notable Swedes and Swedish-Americans in the United States, from the companies they’ve founded and the innovations that shape our everyday lives to legendary films that contribute to our shared cultural heritage and irresistible pop music that creates the soundtracks of our lives.

The Embassy’s examination of Swedish Footprints: Shaping the Future will also include insights on jobs created in the United States by Swedish companies, innovative Swedish technologies that are shaping our future, and the uniquely Swedish approach to international relations and security that will be in the spotlight as Sweden chairs the United Nations Security Council.
Join us for a year of seminars, exhibitions, music, and art as we trace Swedish Footprints through our shared history, and walk with us as we co-create the world we live in today. #SwedishFootprints

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Exhibition opening hours: Saturdays & Sundays 12 pm – 5 pm FREE admission and guide on site.


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