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Smart Societies – Creative & Inclusive

27 Aug 2019

Creative urban spaces are vital for growth, innovation, and inclusion. Culture and creativity contribute to the welfare and well-being of any country. Sustainability, gender equality, entrepreneurship, innovation and social cohesion are vital components in how we build our societies. Sweden is an innovative, globally competitive country and Swedes are considered early adopters of new ideas and technology.

The Embassy of Sweden's theme program for 2019 invites you to a year of creative dialogue on how we can design future inclusive and smart ways of living. Join us in discussions, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, and cultural events with the next generations´ smart society in focus.

> Embassy of Sweden Fall program (TBC)
> Embassy of Sweden Spring program

Exhibitions on view in House of Sweden:
> Swedish Dads by Johan Bävman

> Urban Challenges

> Children in the City- Little Library & Funky Town

> Glacier
(in conjunction with the Icelandic Chairmanship in the Arctic Council)  

> Siri Berg: Statements (no longer on display)

Opening hours:
Saturdays & Sundays 12 pm – 5 pm. FREE admission and guide on site.

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