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SEMINAR: Making Space for the Future

27 Nov 2018

A discussion on 'How North Sweden’s Space Industry Draws Advantage from its Natural Resources to Build a Cluster for Sustainable Innovation'. North Sweden has over the past decade developed into one of the hottest destinations for hi-tech research and development.

Datacenters, space exploration actors and sustainable innovators looking to scale up, all flock to this once remote area close to the Arctic Circle. With low energy prices, a highly educated work force, world-leading research institutions, stable infrastructure and ideal environment to test innovations, North Sweden is the hottest cold region in the world. Facebook is located there as well as one of the world’s largest data centers, and other leading companies are following suit. Similarly, North Sweden´s space program draws advantage from its northern location and leading technical knowledge to develop an orbital launch capability.

November 27, 9:00 am – 11:00 am in House of Sweden.
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Hosted in collaboration with the City of Luleå. 

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