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SEMINAR: Higher Education and Research as a Vehicle of Change in Turbulent Times – the Balancing Act of Modern Universities

13 Feb 2019

Recent years have seen increasing attention to higher education institutions and their role in addressing the societal challenges with research and innovation. Universities are often portrayed as factories of knowledge production, hubs of innovation and a nexus for solving complicated global challenges.

This creates opportunities for higher education institutions to play a more vital role as pillars in their communities, often in partnership with public entities and businesses to strengthen economic development, support upward mobility and address the need for lifelong learning. This has to be balanced with maintaining academic quality and integrity, and without losing the sight for longer-term basic research.

The seminar will focus on two strands connected to the overall theme; how can research leverage economic growth and societal impact? And what is the role of lifelong learning in this ongoing process of change?

In collaboration with American Public Land Grant Universities (APLU), the Embassy of Sweden is delighted to host the second annual US-Swedish University dialogue.

WHEN: February 13, 2019 in House of Sweden. 
RSVP: Required for attendance to


Welcome remarks:
Ambassador of Sweden to the United States, Karin Olofsdotter and Peter McPherson, President APLU

Keynote remarks:
Marcia McNutt, President National Academy of Sciences

Panel “Research as engine for economic growth”
-Alexander N Cartwright, Chancellor, University of Missouri, Columbia
-Timothy D Sands, President Virginia Tech
-Torbjörn von Schantz, President, Lund University
-Eva Åkesson, President, Uppsala University
Moderator: Bill Bates, Executive Vice President, Council of Competitiveness

11:15 -12:15   
Panel “ Lifelong Learning”
-Hans Adolfsson, President, Umeå University
-Michael Rao, President, Virginia Commonwealth University
-Astrid Söderbergh Widding, President, Stockholm University
-Eva Wiberg, President, University of Gothenburg
-Dennis Assanis, President, University of Delaware
Moderator: Debbie Hughes, Senior Strategist, Entangled Solutions

Networking buffet lunch


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