FAMILY FUN: Children's Room and Arts & Crafts Workshops

21 Mar 2020 - 30 May 2020

The Children's Room in House of Sweden remains closed due to Covid-19. We hope to be able to reopen it soon. In the meantime, please visit it virtually at:

Children's Room & Arts and Crafts workshops
Little Library invites children to create their ideal space through books, puzzles and games. Playing, reading and learning are all equally important roads to discovery. In fact, when books and play interact with learning, it’s an invitation to see the world in new ways. Storytime every Saturday at 3 pm. Experience Swedish children's literature (in english) in the Little Library.




Funky Town is an interactive game that allows anyone to be a city planner and get an understanding how complex a city is and how important it is to create a friendly and human city—pay attention and watch out for pitfalls.

Arts & Crafts Workshops
Children ages 2-10 expressing themselves through art! Attendees are set up with everything they need to participate free of charge.


Please take necessary precautions regarding the spread of any virus and follow the recommendations by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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