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FAMILY FUN: Children in the City - Little Library & Funky Town

09 Mar 2019 - 15 Dec 2019

Children in the City is a space where children and adults can create moments together!

Little Library invites children to create their ideal space through books, puzzles and games. Playing, reading and learning are all equally important roads to discovery. In fact, when books and play interact with learning, it’s an invitation to see the world in new ways. Storytime every Saturday at 3 pm. Experience Swedish children's literature (in english) in the Little Library.

The idea is to create an atmosphere where children are included and to start a dialogue about how cities can become more accessible to children.

Funky Town is an interactive game that allows anyone to be a city planner and get an understanding how complex a city is and how important it is to create a friendly and human city—pay attention and watch out for pitfalls.

Welcome to the child’s place in the city!

Opening hours:
Saturdays & Sundays 12 pm – 5 pm. FREE admission and guide on site.

Little Library is produced by the Swedish Institute in collaboration with Klara Svae Barnkulturproduktion. A special thanks to IKEA, Hjelm Förlag, Littlephant and BRIO.

Funky Town was created by Max Bjorverud and Hakan Lidbo at Rumtiden Idea Lab in Stockholm, Sweden, in collaboration with the Swedish Institute and assisted by Mikael Sjösten and Per Magnusson.

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