EXHIBITION: Swedish Dads - Photos by Johan Bävman

11 Jan 2020 - 23 Feb 2020

The photo exhibition portraits 45 fathers who belong to the relatively small percentage of fathers in Sweden who choose to stay at home with their children for at least six months. Swedish photographer Johan Bävman examines why these fathers have chosen to stay at home with their children and how their relationship with their partners and their children has changed as a result. The exhibition aims to show the effects of gender equality on parenting, both for an individual and for society.

Parental leave in Sweden
In 1974, Sweden was the first country in the world to replace maternity leave with parental leave. Sweden has one of the most generous parental leave policies in the world, allowing parents to stay at home with their child for 480 days, while receiving an allowance from the state. 90 days are reserved for each parent and cannot be transferred. For the first 390 days parents are entitled to nearly 80% of their salary while the remaining 90 days are paid at a lower fixed rate. Despite a generous allowance, Swedish dads still only use approximately 29% of the total amount of parental leave days.

About Johan Bävman
Johan Bävman, is one of Sweden’s most critically acclaimed photographers with works such as Swedish Dads and the photobook AlbinoSwedish Dads has garnered widespread international attention and has been exhibited in 65 countries. Johan has received many awards for his images, including World Press Photo, POY, UNICEF Photography Award, Swedish news agency TT’s Grand Prize, and Picture of the Year in Sweden. Johan is based in Malmö, Sweden.

‘I use portraits of fathers with their children in everyday situations, and interviews with dads to aim the spotlight on fathers who prioritize the connection to their children, rather than their jobs. I focus on the universal and loving aspects of parenting, regardless of whether you are the mother or the father. I am not looking to glorify these fathers, rather just encourage a conversation about why these fathers are looked upon as unique.

‘During my own paternity leave, I had trouble finding information about parenting from a father's perspective. Perhaps more men would start thinking about their role as fathers if they would see and hear other dads share their thoughts and ideas about parenting. I think that is an important step towards a more equal society.’ - Johan Bävman

Opening hours:
Saturdays & Sundays 12 pm – 5 pm. FREE admission and guide on site. Extended due to popular demand between January 11 - February 23. 

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