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EXHIBITION: Sustain Able Voices - Young Swedish Design

07 Mar 2020

The Embassy of Sweden is committed to do our part to help protect our visitors, staff, and fellow Washingtonians amid the coronavirus outbreak. House of Sweden, including all exhibitions, will therefore be temporarily closed to the public during the weekends. Don’t forget to check back for updates as we will continue to work hard to bring exciting events and exhibitions to House of Sweden.

What does the design of tomorrow look like? Ever since 1998, the jury for the Young Swedish Design award have been rewarding innovative transdisciplinary design. Sustain Able Voices consist of works from Young Swedish Design from 2004-2020 and show the power of design and its ability to change.   Many of the works in the exhibition solve practical challenges in the everyday, while others lean towards art and fashion. What they all have in common is courage, openness, and a desire to experiment. Not all challenges can be solved by design, but young designers play a key part in the quest for more sustainable solutions, both environmental and social.

Produced by Svensk Form and IKEA Museum. In collaboration with the American Swedish Institute, Minneapolis.

Exhibition opening hours:
Saturdays & Sundays 12 pm – 5 pm. FREE admission and guide on site. The exhibition is on display until June 28, 2020.


Please take necessary precautions regarding the spread of any virus and follow the recommendations by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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