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EXHIBITION: Ingmar Bergman and his Legacy in Fashion and Art

12 Jan 2019 - 24 Feb 2019

In 2018, the world is celebrating the legacy of Swedish director, producer, and screenwriter Ingmar Bergman. The iconic Swedish auteur’s body of work for film and theater brought a new level of psychological depth and intimacy to all disciplines of the performing arts.

Ingmar Bergman and his Legacy in Fashion and Art
The exhibition introduces Ingmar Bergman and three of his major films: The Seventh Seal, Persona and Scenes from a Marriage. The exhibition explores the influence that Bergman has on today’s fashion and art, as an iconic film maker and reluctant trendsetter. Bergman was himself uninterested in fashion and dressed in a simple, static style throughout his life. The exhibition consists of art and documentary films, photo prints, slide-show and film clips.

An exhibition by The Swedish Institute:
Curator: Dr. Louise Wallenberg.

Art Director and Executive Producer: Liudmila Khrystseseva.
Producer: Anna-Maria Bernitz.

The Life and Work of Ingmar Bergman
The Ingmar Bergman timeline provides photos, texts and a diagram of his extensive output which includes around 60 films, 172 theatre productions and approximately 300 writings.

Ingmar Bergman - Scenes from a Life
The interactive installation presents Bergman’s universe in scenes from feature films, interviews, behind-the-scenes clips, and book quotations.

Opening hours:
Saturdays & Sundays 12 pm – 5 pm. FREE admission and guide on site. The exhibition will be extended to February 24, 2019. 

Originally on display in House of Sweden until December 16, 2018. #Bergman100

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