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Consulate-GeneralNew York, USA

Local time 1:26 PM

Consulate Staff

Camilla Mellander is the Consul General of Sweden in New York.

Camilla Mellander
Consul General
Ann Witte
Assistant to the Consul General
Special Projects Coordinator

Johan Arvidsson
Consul and Deputy Head of Mission

Carina Waldell
Head of Chancery

Johanna Asp
Senior Consular Officer

Youn Hee Pernling Frödin
Consular and Administrative Officer

Gunilla Forsberg
Administrative and Consular Officer

Aviva Neuman
Head of Cultural and Public Affairs

Lina Hammarström
Head of Sustainability and Communications

Barbara Wennerholm
Head of Innovation and Commercial Affairs

Martin Reyes
Chauffeur/Office Assistant

Leopold Römpötti

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