Swedish Design at London Design Festival

12 Sep 2020, 1.00 PM

The Embassy of Sweden in London is supporting the groundbreaking exhibition Mirror Mirror Off the Wall (12th-20th September), as part of the London Design Festival and the Virtual Destination by Adorno.

MIRROR MIRROR OFF THE WALL, curated by Paola Bjäringer.

The mirror as object stands as the ultimate symbol of womanhood and the normative beauty standards associated with it. Throughout history and art, women have discovered in the mirror the reflection of the man they are supposed, to love and serve, leaving their identity on the side and accepting subconsciously the idea of patriarchal needs. This collection aims at strengthening the female gaze by giving the central stage to a group of carefully selected leading Swedish women designers + one male designer.
The mirrors they have created are their point of view for the world to see. This collection gives women designers a room of their own, free from normative walls. Set in the deep wild Swedish forest, this collection stands for the transformative powers of Mother nature calling for breaking the mold of vertical hierarchy of dominance. As the only male-made mirror in this collection testifies: let’s break together that glass ceiling, once and for all.

The Design collective Adorno presents Paola Bjäringer’s curation of innovative, sustainable Swedish design. The collection features the carefully selected designers Farvash, Frida Fjellman, Jenny Nordberg, Kajsa Willner, Sara Szyber, Wang & Söderström, David Taylor.

12 - 20 September, 2020

The New Reality

This year, the Virtual Design Destination by Adorno will be the place to discover fourteen curated country collections of collectable design during the London Design Festival, featuring more than 200 exclusive pieces. The theme for this year's first Virtual Design Destination by Adorno is “The New Reality”.
Preparations for “The New Reality” were initiated during the surge of COVID-19 in Europe. The curators of the fourteen participating countries have been asked to reflect on specific experiences, thoughts, and themes from the time of lockdown in the curation and art direction of each of their country collections. They have been working with their local designers at the intersection of craft and design to develop sub-narratives to the overarching theme, including gender, urbanisation, climate, isolation, and healing, among others. Using design as a tool for change, “The New Reality” pursues effective and innovative solutions, bringing different knowledges and experiences together through design to investigate
what our new reality is.

A Truly Interactive Virtual Exhibition

As a digital-first online gallery, Adorno has set out to revolutionise the way we experience design and art online. Working with a skilled team of 3D developers and artists, the aim is to take the term “online exhibition” to the next level. Virtual Environments are often showcased as simple images or videos, but, for the Virtual Design Destination, Adorno will use the latest technology to make these environments fully interactive. Adorno has partnered with the pixel streaming platform Furioos to provide real-time rendering from any browser or VR headset, making it possible for visitors to freely navigate around immersive, country-specific environments to experience the collections that have all been modeled in
3D. Visitors will even be able to meet the designers through integrated video interviews. Last, but not the least, visitors will be able to experience more than 100 pieces in their own homes by enabling Virtual Reality to place the objects in their surroundings with a smartphone.


Visitors will be taken on a virtual tour through each collection by the country curator each day during the Festival (GMT)
Sat.12 September: Launch Program
Sun.13 September: Sweden 10:00 AM

Feel free to rsvp here: http://virtualdesigndestination.com/country/sweden/


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