Embassy Staff

 Torbjörn Sohlström. Photo: Carlström Photography

H E Mr Torbjörn Sohlström Ambassador @Sohlstromt

Ms Anna Granström Livesey Secretary to the Ambassador

Political and Economic Affairs

Mr Magnus Stuxberg Minister Counsellor, Deputy Head of Mission Political and European Affairs 

Ms Anna Brodin Counsellor Political and European Affairs

Mrs Åsa Theander Counsellor Foreign and Security Policy

Ms Marika Amartey Commercial Officer

Ms Susanna Silversol Economic Affairs and Trade Policy

Ms Lisa Långberg Communication/Political Affairs

Ms Anna Clark Communication/Political Affairs

(Vacant) Head of Press and Communications 

Cultural Affairs and Information

Mrs Pia Lundberg Counsellor for Cultural Affairs @PiaLundbergLondon

Ms Ann Nilsen (temp. leave) Cultural Affairs Officer 

Ms Sofia Lundström (temp.) Cultural Affairs Officer

Administration, Consular Affairs and Migration

Ms Annika White Counsellor Consul General Head of Chancery

Ms Marleen Windahl First Secretary

Ms Kerstin Killian Third Secretary IT support, Consular Affairs

Ms Malin Olson Finance Officer

Ms AnnaLisa Kelly Consular Officer

Mr Mark Dareblom-Griffith Consular Officer

Ms Mariatou Jack Consular Officer

Mrs Elin Biedermann Consular Officer 

Ms Anna Carlring Administrative Officer

Ms Emma Ekvall Consular Officer

Ms Sherie Fontaine Consular Officer

Ms Karin Lindström Consular Officer

Ms Frida Savsjö Administration

Ms Vanja Persson Receptionist

Mr Edward Wanniarachchi Driver

Mr David Taylor Driver, Caretaker

The Defence Department

Colonel Per Jenvald Defence Attaché

Lieutenant Colonel Peter Viklund Deputy Defence Attaché

Ms Anna Garmefelt Defence Officer


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