Honorary Consulates

Passports and driving licences can be collected from a consulate and pensioners can also have a life certificate signed (e.g. for the Swedish Pensions Agency – Pensionsmyndigheten). The Honorary Consulates in Edinburgh and Glasgow can issue emergency passports. Following instructions from and in consultation with the relevant Swedish embassy, consulates can also assist in case of emergency, imprisonment or death. Increasingly, the consulates contribute to raising the image of Sweden through cultural collaborations and by highlighting Swedish business in cooperation with the embassy.

Historically, honorary consulates were established to assist Swedish shipping and Swedish travellers. Several honorary consulates can therefore be found in harbour cities, but honorary consulates can also be found in places with a large Swedish community, Swedish tourism or in places of importance to Swedish business. An honorary consul can be either a Swedish or foreign citizen who has undertaken the role of honorary consul, which is voluntary and considered an honour. There is no remuneration for the role of honorary consul.

The honorary consuls are important and much appreciated links in the embassy network. There are currently eleven honorary consulates in the United Kingdom.

Last updated 26 Apr 2021, 6.28 AM