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Who is who at the Swedish Mission?

The following persons work at the Permanent Mission of Sweden to the United Nations in New York:

Olof Skoog
Permanent Representative

Frederique Claise
Secretary to the Permanent Representative

Irina Schoulgin Nyoni
Deputy Permanent Representative

Ulrika Ajemark Åsland
Assistant to the Deputy Permanent Representative

Carl Skau
Alternate Representative to the Security Council and Spokesperson

Lisa Laskaridis
Head of Press and Communication
Adviser Corporate Social Responsibility

Annina Barbosa
First Secretary
Speechwriting and Communications

Mathilde Holmer
Adviser Security Council Coordination

Political Affairs and Security Council

Joakim Vaverka
Minister Counsellor
Political Coordinator

Fredrik Nivaeus

Fredrick Lee-Ohlsson
Middle East and North Africa, Fourth Committee

Åsa Hjelt
Middle East and North Africa

Nilofar Saidi
First Secretary
Africa, Mediation

Lina Bunis
First Secretary
Africa, Peacekeeping

Kajsa Blomberg
First Secretary
Middle East and North Africa

Anders Skiöldebrand
First Secretary

Per-Axel Frielingsdorf
First Secretary
Latin America, Women, Peace and Security, Children and Armed Conflict

Colonel Peter Öberg
Counsellor, Military Adviser
Peacekeeping Operations, Military Staff Committee

Lieutenant Colonel Carl-Magnus R Svensson
Counsellor, Deputy Military Adviser

Major Sophie Bosdotter
Second Secretary/Assistant Military Adviser
Protection of Civilians, Gender, Personnel Issues

John Billow
Counsellor, Police Adviser

Andrea Carlsson
Assistant Political Affairs Division

Economic and Social Affairs,
Second Committee

Camilla Nevstad Bruzelius
Minister Counsellor
Economic and Social Affairs

Ola Sohlström
Humanitarian Affairs, Migration and Refugee Issues, Disaster Risk Reduction

Teresa Carlsson Szlezak
UNDP, Agenda 2030, Sustainable Development and Climate Change

Dag Sjöögren
First Secretary
Europe, climate

Ellen Swedenmark
Second Secretary
Africa, Peacebuilding

Charlotta Bobjer
Second Secretary
Economic and Social Affairs

Karin Berlin
Second Secretary
Agenda 2030, SDG14

Ingegerd Landström
Assistant Economic and Social Affairs Division

Human Rights and Social Affairs,
Third Committee

Mattias Chu
Human Rights Coordinator, System-wide Coherence/Gender

UN Budget, Reform and Management,
Fifth Committee

Cecilia Vaverka
UN Budget, Reform and Management, Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

Marc Lundwall
Procurement and Commercial Affairs

International Law and Legal Affairs,
Sixth Committee

Hilding Lundkvist
International Law, Sanctions Coordinator, Alternate Political Coordinator

Cecilia Anderberg
First Secretary
Legal Affairs (GA Affairs, 6th Committee Coordination), Counter-Terrorism/PVE and Disarmament

Louise Oftedal
Adviser Sanctions
Election Officer

Administrative Office and Support

Mattias Näslund
Head of Chancery

Eva-Marie Wikström
First Secretary

Mia Törnkvist
Third Secretary
Head of Archives

Gilbert Aleman
Senior Administrative Officer

Inga-Lena Bengtsson
Senior Administrative Officer

Gigi Odéhn
Book keeper and Administrative Officer

Rebecca Hedlund
Head of Events

Jack Gessa

Fall Reinforcements

Ola Karlman
Second Secretary
Human Rights and Social Affairs

Elin Nilsson
Second Secretary
Economic and Social Affairs

Victor Sandberg
First Secretary
Special Political Affairs and Decolonization

Fall Interns

Alexander Burlin
Humanitarian Affairs, Migration and Refugee Issues 

Josefine Dahlqvist
Political Affairs 

Klara Eitrem Holmgren
Economic and Social Affairs 

Johanna Hedman
Political Affairs 

Cecilia Isaksson
Legal Affairs 

Oskar Langborg
Human Rights and Social Affairs 

Markus Sjölén Gustafsson
Administrative and Budgetary Affairs 

Linda Åström
Press and Communication 

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