Sweden extends its support to Beetroot Academy and IT-education in Ukraine

Sweden has signed a cooperation agreement with a Swedish-Ukrainian non-profit organization Beetroot Academy for a 3-year program, aimed at expanding IT education in Ukraine. Through this support, Sweden aims to help the development of highly relevant and much-needed skills.

Beetroot Academy is a non-profit social organization in professional education, founded in 2014, which provides cutting-edge IT education based on the real needs of the IT market, taught by teachers from local IT partner companies. Now, Beetroot Academy offers six IT courses across 10 different locations in Ukraine, from Mariupol in the East to Ivano-Frankivsk in the West. The courses apply blended learning methodology and include professional English language courses as well as career counseling, to maximize the success of each student.

Within the framework of cooperation, Beetroot Academy will be able to double their current number of IT schools, to a total of 20 locations across the country, as well as to develop new technical and soft skills IT courses. Many of these schools will open in small towns, also on the east of Ukraine, which will help to enhance economic potential and competitiveness of the small municipalities in Ukraine. This partnership will provide education to thousands of Ukrainians every year and unlock new opportunities for them to succeed in the Ukrainian IT sector.

Support to Beetroot Academy is a part of the larger support package which Sweden provides to Ukraine. Swedish support focuses on improving the regulatory environment for small and medium companies, banking sector reform, innovation, and entrepreneurship. We believe that IT- sector is one of the most competitive in Ukraine and more people can economically advantage from working in it. Therefore, we consider our support for IT-education an important element of the promotion of inclusive economic growth in Ukraine, for the benefit of every Ukrainian citizen.

Last updated 09 Jan 2019, 3.12 PM