Embassy of Sweden in Kyiv is looking for providers of consultancy services in the area of public financial management (PFM)

29 Oct 2019

The project covers PFM support over a period of 48 months, and is structured around four areas, namely budget planning, macroeconomic forecasting, liquidity management and public sector accounting.

The beneficiaries of Swedish support will be the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture, and Treasury. The project is implemented within the framework of the EU support programme to strengthen PFM system in Ukraine (EU4PFM) and is co-financed by Sweden and the EU. 

In August 2019, the contribution agreement between the European Union and Sida for the implementation of the project was signed. This project is in line with Swedish Reform Cooperation Strategy with Eastern Europe, the Western Balkans and Turkey 2014-2020 and aims to strengthen public administration capacity to implement reforms for EU-Integration.

For details of the procurement, please follow the link.

Deadline for submissions is 9 December 2019, 12pm (noon).

You can submit question to the following e-mail address with  UM2019/37825 reference in the email subject line.

Deadline for questions – 25 November 2019 at 23.59 Kyiv time. All the answers to tenderers' questions will be published here.

Please, note that questions and answers are published in reversed chronological order, i.e. last received questions at the top: 

20.11.2019 Question 6: With regards to the above open procedure, we would like to clarify whether an advance payment is foreseen and if so, what would be the percentage in relation to the total budget.

20.11.2019 Answer 6: No advance payment is foreseen; please refer to the draft contract (Annex 3) of the tender documents.

19.11.2019 Question 5: With regards to the above open procedure, we would like to clarify the below point regarding Annex 4.2, CV, Final. Maximum five employments and/or assignment should be included. We consider that it is very complicated to substantiate the minimum years of general professional experience stipulated in the Terms of Reference by including only five employments. Please confirm whether we could include other relevant working experiences in the CV.

19.11.2019 Answer 5: Additional relevant (exceeding 5 in total) assignments may be included, as long as they are indeed relevant to competence required of the expert in this project.

18.11.2019 Question 4: With regards to the above open procedure, we would like to clarify the below point regarding Annex 4.2, CV, Final. Account briefly for the work experience of the person by filling in the grey marked text boxes. The account shall include employer/assignment, work tasks, time period and a brief description (maximum 300 characters excluding spaces is recommended) of the main achievements of the employment/assignment. Maximum five employments and/or assignment should be included. We consider that 300 characters are not sufficient to provide a description of the main achievements of the employment/assignment. We would like to confirm whether you refer to characters or words.

18.11.2019 Answer 4: If required, a tenderer may use more than 300 characters; however, only information to the specific KE position and the project, as well as personal information, must be included, sufficient to enable evaluators to correctly assess and score each KEs' CV, and irrelevant information must be avoided or kept to an absolute minimum (e.g. positions held throughout the career which are not relevant to the project).

14.11.2019 Question 3: Regarding the expert exclusivity: is a Key Expert allowed to appear in different bids or is it a mandatory that the experts are exclusively bound to one bidder?

14.11.2019 Answer 3: While one can discuss whether or not it is ethical to appear as key expert in more than 1 bid, the procurement documents do not specifically exclude the same key expert appearing in more than 1 bid.

14.11.2019 Question 2: Regarding Contact Information (annex 1.1): according to Annex 4 "administrative/legal mandatory requirements (qualification of tenderers)" it is stated that: Contact information (annex 1.1) duly completed by the tenderer, must be provided as original, required to be submitted for 1 and 2 listed in above table." Could you please confirm that "tenderer" here means the consortium represented by the consortium leader and not each consortium member?

14.11.2019 Answer 2: Annex 1 must be filled separately for each consortium member and not only for the lead partner of a consortium.

14.11.2019 Question 1: Regarding the References for Individuals (Annex 1.7) do these refer exclusively to the Key Experts positions? Moreover, if the experts already have documentary proof of their assignments other than the ones in the format requested in annex 1.7 (i.e. employer certificates or references proving the professional experience attestation, contracts, reference letters, reports, etc.), would these have the same value as the ones in the annex 1.7? If yes, would it be possible to use the cited references instead of reproducing them in the Annex 1.7 format.

14.11.2019 Answer 1: Yes, the references for individuals (Annex 1.7) do refer to the 5 key experts only. The references must be in the format of Annex 1.7 (refer to Procurement Document 4.8). You cannot use another format for these mandatory documents. Each form should be signed by a person in a senior position who has sufficient professional knowledge of the work of the key expert in the referred project and would be able to answer some clarifying questions by phone, if this would be deemed necessary by the evaluators.

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