"We don't have the future - We are doomed today if we don't act now"

11 Jun 2019

Every year, the European Union in Uganda, the EU member states present in Uganda and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kampala award a Ugandan citizen who has made selfless and courageous contributions to the advancement of human rights in the country.

This year, the award was given to William Amanzuru, the founder of the organisation Friends of Zoka, who fights to save the Zoka forest in Adjumani from the effects of illegal logging. The Embassy’s political officer Moa Lindgren met with Mr Amanzuru to learn more about the situation in Adjumani and the obstacles he and the organisation are facing, as well as what motivates them to continue despite threats and heavy surveillance.

Interview with William Amanzuru.pdf


Last updated 11 Jun 2019, 9.44 AM