Information regarding migration applications

15 Oct 2018

Swedish and Tunisian citizens

Tunisian citizens could until now file and carry out background checks with regards to residence and work permits at Sweden’s honorary consulate in Sousse, Tunisia.

On the 31th of December 2018 this consulate will close permanently.

All migration applications will instead be handled by the Swedish embassy in Rabat, Morocco, while consular matters will be handled by the embassy in Tunis. For those who have applied for a residence permit but not yet booked an appointment, please contact the embassy in Rabat.

When the Swedish Migration Board has announced that it is possible to book an interview for your residence and work permit application, you are welcome to contact the embassy in Rabat.

Appointments are made via email: Please make sure to provide the relevant case number.

Please note that it is not possible to make an appointment for an interview before the Migration board has issued such an invitation.

When attending an investigation at the embassy in Rabat please bring biometric information with you.

Tunisian citizens will continue to have the opportunity to leave biometric information at the Swedish Embassy in Alger until the 31th of December 2018.

Please note that most applications for a residence permit can be made online at the Migration Board’s website:

Please also note that Sweden is still being represented by the Finnish embassy in Tunis regarding Schengen visas for Tunisian citizens wishing to visit Sweden. 

Last updated 15 Oct 2018, 10.38 AM