Renewal of passport for adults from 18 years

An application for a passport can be made - after booking an appointment - on Mondays between 14-16 and Wednesday between 9-12.

The application fee can be paid by Visa or MasterCard at the Embassy when you apply, or by advanced payment to the Embassy of Sweden's bank account (see banking details below). Bring the proof of payment with you when you apply for the passport.

For information about application fees, see the heading "Consular & migration application fees"

The new passport is normally ready for collection about 2 weeks from the time of application. (by appointment)

The passport must be collected in person and may not be delivered by mail, (see below for collection at a Consulate).

Please note that an application for a legal change of name may not be submitted along with a passport application. Contact the Swedish Tax Authority, tel. 46 8 564 85160 to apply for a name change before applying for a new passport.


Required Documents

Documents must be presented in originals and when applicable legalised by competent authority.

Applicants 18 years or older who have previously had a Swedish passport must provide proof of identity, as well as proof of Swedish citizenship. They should bring the following documents when applying;

  • The old passport, valid or expired (if lost please bring police report).
  • If you cannot bring your old passport you must provide a valid photo identification.
  • If you were born outside Sweden and never resided there thereafter; you must bring your birth certificate clearly showing the name of your parents.
  • Certificate of Swedish citizenship (if the citizenship was acquired by application).
  • Certificate of retention of Swedish citizenship after the age of 22 (if you were born outside Sweden and never resided there).
  • Original documentation proving South African resident status (valid visa and/or South African id-book) or proof of South African (or other) citizenship (naturalization certificate), or notarized copy of same.

If the applicant became a South African (or other) - excluding automatic naturalisation - citizen before July 1, 2001, documentation from the Swedish Migration Board must be provided to certify that he/she has regained Swedish citizenship.


Collection of the passport at a Consulate

The new passport may be collected at the Swedish consulate in Cape Town, Windhoek or Gaborone. For collection at a Consulate, there is an additional shipping and processing fee, see the heading "Consular & migration application fees" (payable at the time of application or in advance).

Banking details

Bank: Nedbank Account name: Embassy of Sweden Account no: 1602 346 933 Branch code: 160245 Branch name: Hatfield, Pretoria Reference: Applicants surname and initial.

To book an appointment for passport application at the embassy of Sweden in Pretoria.  CLICK HERE.  (The booking is via the Swedish Migration Agency’s website).

Last updated 16 Jan 2018, 3.57 PM