Botswana calls for bold action at Stockholm+50

The president of Botswana, Mokgweetsi Masisi led a delegation to Stockholm+50 and re-affirmed the country´s commitment to spearheading the environmental agenda.

Botswana´s long-standing commitments to conversation and biodiversity dates to the first United National conference held in Stockholm during 1972. Fifty years later, President Masisi represented the country in Stockholm once again.

The president´s visit took place from the 1-3 June 2022. Beginning on the 1 June, President Masisi president delivered a keynote address at the University Alliance Stockholm Trio panel discussion, held jointly by Stockholm University and KTH Royal Institute. Later in the day, the president visited the Ericsson Research Lab to learn and exchange information on utilising research to guide sustainable development.

On the 2 June, the president gave an address to mark the opening of Stockholm+50 where he called on world leaders take bold action by not steeping away from previous commitments aiming to fight climate change. President Masisi outlined Botswana´s climate policies and adaptation plans. Displaying commendable leadership, he cast the delegates attention to the supported required by Southern African and island states, as they face increasing threat of climate change.

Accompanying the delegation to Stockholm+50, is the ambassador of Sweden to, Håkan Juholt. Reflecting on the delegation, he remarked:

“Former Swedish Prime Minister, Olof Palme, stated that “…there is nothing such as an individual future, only a common one…”. Botswana´s committed participation at the summit is of the outmost importance. Built on shared values we have had the opportunity to discuss issues such as sustainable public transport, climate friendly mining and digitalisation, among other topics. The relationship between Sweden and Botswana goes back decades. As we embark on building a just and green future, our shared values will be more important than ever.”

Botswana is set to be a bold voice in matters of sustainability and development. The country marches forward, with friends such as Sweden, to create a better future for all.

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Last updated 08 Jun 2022, 9.31 AM