URGENT information – preparations for possible flights out of South Africa

30 Mar 2020

URGENT information – preparations for possible flights out of South Africa – respond latest today 30 March at 18:00

The Embassy has during the weekend been in talks with other EU Member States in order to try to enable transport for European citizens who want to return to Europe. Several questions remain to be resolved, but we are now at a stage where we need to have very clear information on how many Swedes would like to return to Europe with a possible repatriation flight in the next short while.


This would entail specially chartered flights leaving from Cape Town and Johannesburg respectively and arriving at a European airport, which very likely would be one of the larger airports in Germany. It would be every passenger’s own responsibility to ensure onward transport to Sweden from there. The cost, which would be carried by each passenger, is estimated at the equivalent of a ticket in Economy Plus.


The Embassy would therefore ask those who would like to take this potential opportunity for a flight to Europe to urgently send an expression of interest to the Embassy. This would be in the form of an email to information.pretoria@gov.se with the following details:


  • Complete first and surname (according to your passport)
  • Personal number (personnummer)
  • Passport number
  • Expiry date for passport
  • Gender
  • Departure from: (Choose Cape Town or Johannesburg)
  • Current address in South Africa
  • Email address
  • Telephone number and/or mobile number
  • Possible special circumstances/compassionate grounds (medical status, risk group, underlying conditions, pregnancy, families with children etc)


The Embassy will come back with additional information. Several practical questions remain to be solved in dialogue with South African authorities so we cannot yet guarantee that flights would actually be taking place.


The Embassy cannot at the moment guarantee seats and travellers does not at this stage have the possibility of choosing departure date etc.


We ask that those who would like to take a possible opportunity to travel to Europe to as soon as possible and latest today 30 March at 18:00 send an email with the information specified above to the following email address: information.pretoria@gov.se

Last updated 30 Mar 2020, 12.26 PM