Message from Ambassador Cecilia Julin

15 Jun 2020

Dear Swedes in South Africa,

Today, three months ago, President Ramaphosa declared a State of Disaster and we are now in week twelve of lockdown, albeit at risk level 3. Coronavirus is spreading faster than previously. Especially in the Western and Eastern Cape and in Gauteng.

The Embassy gets many questions about when regular commercial flights will start again and our simple answer is: We don’t know. It has been indicated that commercial international flights may be allowed at risk level 2, but it is difficult to predict when we may reach that level.

There are still sporadic repatriation flights, among others by KLM, and our recommendation is that you follow the information we post on our website ( We recommend everyone that wants to travel back home to keep in close contact with the airline that you have your reservation with, as it is still a bit unpredictable if flights will take off as planned. When you have made a reservation, please mail your booking confirmation, a copy of your passport and your address here in South Africa to and we will then issue a Certificate of Travel, that will enable you to travel from your residence to the assembly point.

The Embassy’s list of Swedes, that wish to leave South Africa, is fortunately now quite short. We are happy to note that since the end of March, the Embassy has assisted more than 400 Swedes to leave South Africa.

I would also like to underline, that it is still prohibited for persons to enter South Africa. The only possibility would be to travel with one of the repatriation flights arranged by South African Airways from different destinations back to South Africa. These are, however, primarily for South African citizens. Anyone leaving South Africa with a repatriation flight cannot therefore not count on being able to return within the near future.

Another complication is the fact that South African authorities demand a 14-day state quarantine for anyone returning with one of these flights.

The Embassy will continue to follow developments concerning the rules for entering or departing form South Africa. If you have questions about entering South Africa, we advise you to turn to the South African Embassy in Stockholm.

The Embassy is open as normal and we can receive applications for passport and other services are available, but you must book a time.

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Midsummer, even if it feels more appropriate to light a fire and some candles than dancing around the Midsummer pole.

Last updated 15 Jun 2020, 1.53 PM