Message from Ambassador Cecilia Julin

31 Mar 2020

Dear Swedes in South Africa,

As you have hopefully seen in our social media and website updates, it seems that we will be able to start with repatriation flights for European citizens by the end of this week. We have around 300 Swedish citizens that have registered to make use of this offer. Some details remain to be solved and we are working on getting permission for all passengers to travel to the airport despite lockdown. We will most probably be able to issue a document from the Embassy, that verifies that the person in question is booked on a certain flight and therefore has the permission to travel to the airport.

As it stands, the flights will be chartered from South African Airways and the destination will be Germany, most probably to Frankfurt and Munich. The price will approximately correspond with the cost of an Economy Plus ticket and all passengers will have to sign an acknowledgement of liability for the cost of their trip and make payment after arrival in Sweden. It will be the responsibility of each passenger to organize their onward travel to Sweden. But as flights between Sweden and Germany (and Copenhagen) are still operational, this shouldn’t be a problem.

If everything works according to plan, the first flights from Cape Town and Johannesburg respectively will be leaving by the end of this week. It is the Embassy’s ambition that every passenger will have at least 24 hours’ notice before departure.

This repatriation activity, which probably will last for a week or until all registered passengers have left South Africa, is a once-off phenomenon. We have no indication if the lockdown will terminate after April 16 or if it will be extended. There is a certain risk that it may be extended. Anyone who is not interested in this offer, will have to prepare for a longer stay in South Africa until regular flights to Europe start again.

The Embassy will do its best to keep you all updated about further developments and I would like to thank everyone for the understanding and the patience you have shown for the efforts we are making to help everyone get back home.


Cecilia Julin


Last updated 31 Mar 2020, 5.06 PM