Last chance to register for repatration

15 Apr 2020

The Embassy has during the last few days been in contact over email or by phone with all those that are listed with us for a repatriation flight. If you haven’t been contacted by us you are not registered on our list for repatriation flights.

The repatriation flights are soon coming to an end, as the last ones are most likely departing during next week. Those who choose not to sign up for these flights will have to stay until commercial flights are started up again.  This information regards repatriation flights from Cape Town. There are no seats left on the last flight from Johannesburg.

If you want to register on the list you must do so (on as soon as possible and latest by 18:00 today Wednesday 15 April and if you chose to register you are also committing to accepting a flight offered to you. It is however important to note that we cannot guarantee seats on a repatriation flight.

If you want to register please send the following complete information:

  1. Confirm citizenship
  2. Passport copy in an email (scanned or a good photo with a smartphone, max 2 MB, please make sure the passport page is clearly visible)
  3. Which city/province are you currently in
  4. How would you go to the assembly point (taxi, Uber, private car/rental car – if you would travel by private car or rental car, please submit reg no, name of driver, car make and colour of the car)
  5. Complete first names and last names according to your passport
  6. Personal number/birth date (YYYY-MM-DD)
  7. Passport number
  8. Passport expiry date 
  9. Gender
  10. Confirm that you want to depart from Cape Town (please note that there are no seats available on the last flight from Johannesburg)
  11. Current address in South Africa
  12. Email address
  13. Telephone number (NB! must include country code and area code)
  14. Any urgent grounds/risk factors/medical status (for ex. risk group, underlying illnesses, pregnancy, families with young children etc)
Last updated 15 Apr 2020, 3.12 PM